Social Skills: Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be enrolled in services through RCS in order to participate? No; you are welcome to enroll your child just for our Social Skills Program! You can view our other program offerings here.

What age range are the social skills groups designed for? Our social skills groups are designed for children ages 3-9. Each group focuses on different skill sets and students are placed with other students of similar ages, abilities and communication styles.

If your child is not within this age range, we offer a variety of other services, including early intervention, home and school based services and parent training.

Which days are the social skills groups offered? Please see the schedule attached-new groups are being added each session! If you do not see a session that fits your schedule please reach out as we are happy to add new groups if there is enough interest.

Does my child need to have an autism diagnosis to participate? No your child does not need a diagnosis of autism to participate. Our groups are open to any child who would clinically benefit from our services and curriculum.  However, at this time insurance funding for our groups is only available for children with a diagnosis of autism. 

Private pay options are available for all other families. Please email to speak with someone on our team regarding information on our tuition rates.

How many students are in each group? There are no more than 6 children in each group. Your child will be grouped with other peers of similar age, skills and communication abilities. Groups are kept small to better accommodate individual skill development.

Which group will my child be enrolled in? Each child is assessed individually to ensure proper group placement that focuses on their individual needs. Based on your child’s assessment the clinical team will recommend what group or groups would be a good a fit.

Please contact our Admissions Team at
or 508.650.5990 x2008 for more information.


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