Direct ABA-based services are provided by RCS in a variety of settings. Our Behavior Therapists have a minimum of a Bachelors degree and possess experience working with children. Therapists are overseen by a Master’s level Program Supervisor who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a student’s program including writing individualized programs and developing behavior plans. An RCS Supervisor is assigned to individuals and will be responsible for developing programs/behavior plans, training the therapist and modifying programs/plans as needed. The Supervisor will overlap during a sample of the individual’s sessions to provide ongoing feedback/recommendations. School-based direct services also focus on the involvement of the teacher as well, to provide training to carry over effective teaching procedures outside of direct service sessions.

Inclusion Facilitation

As students with developmental disabilities are included within the general education setting, individualized supports are necessary in order for a student to be able to participate in classroom routines and activities. RCS provides a variety of services with regards to inclusion including providing direct services to students within an inclusion setting and providing classroom consultation. As part of inclusion facilitation, an inclusion plan is often developed which specifies: objectives to be targeted within the inclusion setting, activities/tasks during which specific activities will be targeted, specific prompting/reinforcement procedures to be utilized, and data collection systems. Inclusion plans are an important part of a student’s educational plan to ensure that teaching opportunities are maximized within the inclusion setting.

Home-Based Program Assessment and Design

Home services are often provided as a supplement to an individual’s school program. Services often focus on skills primarily demonstrated within the home setting including: self care skills, safety skills, play/leisure skills and generalization of skills targeted within the school setting. Parent training is viewed as a critical component to home services to ensure parents/caretakers are adequately trained to implement individualized strategies/procedures outside of sessions. Direct service is delivered by a Bachelor’s-level behavior Therapist with previous experience in the field. The Therapist is supervised by a consultant who is also responsible for developing individualized programs and behavior plans. Home services are typically accessed through district funding, self funding, or insurance funding. For more information regarding accessing services through insurance, please visit our Insurance page