ABOUT RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting


Realizing Children’s Strengths (RCS) was developed to provide the highest quality of individualized behavioral and educational services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. We believe that every child has unique skills and we are dedicated to helping each child develop these skills and reach their full potential.


RCS is committed to providing the highest quality of individualized, educational services consisting of scientifically validated teaching procedures and highly trained staff.


RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting was founded by Denise Rizzo and Louis Ranieri in 1997. The organization started in a small office in Watertown, MA and has since grown to what it is today – a consulting firm based out of Natick, MA, having serviced nearly 3,000 individuals. Along with the success of the consulting firm came an understanding of the overwhelming need of a private, school based setting, that would provide intensive, quality 1:1 services to children with Autism. A school based setting that provides services at the same intensity and quality, with the same educational philosophy as the services provided by RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting Services simply did not exist. This notion inspired Denise and Louis to open RCS Learning Center in 2006. RCS Learning Center is a private, non-profit school whose mission is to provide children with autism the highest quality of behavioral and educational services available to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.


RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting provides a variety of direct, consultative, and training services to schools, agencies, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities, infant to adult. Applied Behavior Analysis is the major treatment modality employed by RCS, with an emphasis on the Verbal Behavior approach to communication. Our Clinical Team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and other experts in the field, support and guide parents and educators through our teaching procedures.