ABA Social Skills Program

RCS Early Childhood division is excited to offer a Social Skills Program at our centers in Woburn and Natick, MA!  The 12 or 6 week program provides children ages 3-7 years old, with a diagnosis of autism, the ability to participate in high quality ABA based social skills groups.  Working together with up to 6 peers of similar ages, ability and communication styles, students focus on social, play and group learning skills.  Groups are led by a BCBA and behavior therapist and the program is covered by most insurance plans.

The Social Skills Program runs throughout the year with new 12 week sessions beginning in, March, July (6 weeks), September and November.

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Social Skills Groups and Descriptions

Our Confident Conversations groups focus on developing conversational skills to foster self confidence and positive connections with peers. This group teaches awareness, listening skills, conversational turn-taking and using individual voices to express. Confident Conversations is designed for children who are already demonstrating independent play skills and simple communication with peers, and eager to develop strong bonds and healthy conversations. *Designed for 5-7 year-olds.

Our Foundations social skills groups work on teaching the skills necessary to be able to learn in a group environment with other peers. Skills targeted in this group include successfully transitioning away from a caregiver and into a classroom, transitioning from activity to activity, generalizing skills, sharing toys and attention, requesting attention, independent play skills and social skills.

Our Let’s Play Together social skills groups work on teaching developmentally appropriate play skills within a fun and engaging group setting using research-based ABA teaching procedures.  Play skills targeted include independent play skills (with vocals), parallel play with peers, group games, and pretend play skills. 

RCS’ Let’s Be Friends social skills groups focus on targeting the social skills necessary to create and maintain positive social relationships with peers within a fun and engaging group setting.

RCS’ Ready, Set, School social skills group works on teaching  strategies to help students successfully manage the social and behavioral expectations of school.  This is a great option for children getting ready to start school for the first time in the fall as well as those already attending school.

Benefits of the Social Skills Program!

  • Participate in a small group Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy Session
  • Ages 3-7
  • 1.5 hour sessions
  • Each child is assessed individually to ensure proper group placement that focuses on their individual needs
  • Group will be led by a BCBA, LABA and assisted by one of our Registered Behavior Technicians
  • Develop connections with similar-aged peers
  • Develop skills in the areas of: Social Skills
    • Communication
    • Sharing and Turn Taking
    • Cooperative Play
    • Following Group Instructions
    • And more!
  • Covered by most insurance plans!

For more information on session dates and available group times, please contact our team at admissions@rcsconsultingne.com or 508.650.5990 ext. 2008!

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