Get Ready For Preschool!

Written By:  Allison Genovese M.S. ABA, BCBA, LABA

The time has come for your little one to start preschool! This marks a new chapter in your child’s life and yours as well. A chapter certain to be filled with new adventures, friendships, increased independence and joy. But despite all this you may find yourself asking, “Is my child really ready for this … and am I?”

Whether you plan to start sending your child to preschool next week, next fall or next year, there are some strategies you can start applying now to help make this transition a positive and successful one for all.

PROCEED WITH CONFIDENCE. Feeling comfortable and having trust in the preschool you will be sending your child to is essential. Take the time you need to tour different centers, meet the teachers and directors, spend time in the class and speak with other parents to hear their experiences.

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